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Art Calendar

The twenty-second edition of our annual art calendar highlights the wonderful and talented artists right here in Dane County.

2022 Calendar Specs

  • Desktop calendar - 8" x 7 ½"
  • Retailer Prices - $12 each (plus sales tax)
  • Artwork created by Dane County artists.

Revenues from calendar sales help sustain programs of Dane County Cultural Affairs, an agency within county government created in 1977 to encourage public participation in arts, culture, and local history activities countywide. Your calendar purchase also helps to support local artists. For more information, please contact

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2022 Calendar

Cover: Jeff Stern

Jeff Stern

About the Artwork:
"Literal. Representative. Recognizable. My artwork may be described by all these words and Wisconsin will most always be the subject. Rural and urban settings. The cultural/visual landscape is defined by me with pen, pencil, and oil paint; some traditional, some light hearted, some political, some kind of out there and every piece, to some degree an experiment."

Jeff Stern art

Jeff Stern, There’s Always One, oil on canvas, 15” x 25”

Inside Cover: Natalie Ergas

Natalie Ergas

About the Artwork:
"Natalie Ergas is a mixed media collage artist and art educator. She creates custom, hand cut collages through her practice- Native Essence Art. Her passion lies in capturing the spirit and essence of her subjects- using extensive research, ethnography and symbolism. Social entrepreneurship and social justice are also important themes within the work she does- as she frequently creates pieces with proceeds donated to local and national organizations. In addition to creating collage artwork, she is also a passionate public school art educator. She was born in Milwaukee, WI - attending the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. She is proud to identify as multiracial- celebrating the many cultures of her heritage, including Mexican, Filipino, Spanish, French and German traditions. She currently lives and works in Madison, WI."

Natalie Ergas art

Natalie Ergas, Wisconsin, analogue collage, 9” x 12”

January: Rebecca Brockman-Schneider

Dan Gardiner

About the Artwork:
"Nature inspires me daily no matter where I find myself, from a northern forest filled with club mosses to a city sidewalk that hosts a fascinating insect. Making art expresses my wonder at these encounters, and the creative process itself brings me joy.  Currently, I work primarily in soft pastel on sanded UArt 400 paper, a medium I like for its immediate accessibility and rich pigments. I celebrate the natural landscape, using visual imagery to invite others to appreciate our incredible earth, and am represented by Woodland Studios in Stoughton, Wisconsin."

Rebecca-Brockman-Schneider art

Rebecca Brockman-Schneider, Prairie Stories, soft pastel, 9” x 12”

February: Issis Macias

Issis Macias

About the Artwork: 
"Abstract painting allows me to surrender to the canvas and colors. It’s a spiritual process in which my mind quiets and allows my soul to speak in textures, colors, and lines." 

Issis-Macias art

Issis Macias, Holding Space, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 30” x 40,” 2020 

March: Mark Weller

Mark Weller

About the Artwork: 
"Weller’s distinctive cloud images celebrate the signature look of the upper Midwest, depicting either twirling or menacing textures by stacking 100 exposures taken over several minutes, adding the fourth dimension to traditional photography: Time!  

His art evokes rural nostalgia and reflects Midwestern values: connection to the land, the nurturing a crop, the beauty of the landscaped; all under a canopy of majestic clouds."

Mark Weller art

Mark Weller, Barn on Wilke Prairie, Timestacking Photography, 38” x 60” 

April: Mary Bero

Mary Bero

About the Artwork:
We can be prisoners of those who make up categories 
They are usually never the 'doers' but the parasite on the host – they have no guts!
Making art takes guts. My intention is to shatter perceptions by making the best art possible, using whatever media is suggested by the idea. 
Scrambling up conventions/ conventional thinking with no limits, for there are no limits. Breaking down barriers, sailing uncharted waters to make myself and others think/view differently. This process can be alarming, controversial, exhilarating…but necessary to the process. By doing so I hope to challenge the critic, spectator, collector, forcing them to feel and see differently. Tearing down the walls, presenting new experiences." 

Mary Bero art

Mary Bero, Tulip Garden, cotton, silk, 6.6” x 7.4”, courtesy of Karen Nakasone & Tom Sullivan

May: Mary Treleven

Mary Treleven

About the Artwork:
"I am compelled to turn outdoor scenes into orderly, graphic compositions. Each project is a new puzzle to solve. I'm especially inspired by the scenery along country roads with its layers of land, crop placement patterns, grazing pastures and textured barns—all best viewed by bike."

Mary Treleven art

Mary Treleven, Wisconsin Ride, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 40"

June: Jeff Stern

Jeff Stern

About the Artwork:
"Literal. Representative. Recognizable. My artwork may be described by all these words and Wisconsin will most always be the subject. Rural and urban settings. The cultural/visual landscape is defined by me with pen, pencil, and oil paint; some traditional, some light hearted, some political, some kind of out there and every piece, to some degree an experiment."

Jeff Stern art

Jeff Stern, There’s Always One, oil on canvas, 15” x 25”

July: Karen Watson-Newlin

Karen Watson-Newlin

About the Artwork:
"I have been painting for 50 years, mainly in transparent watercolor. I have evolved from more realistic work to the more imaginary and whimsical, trying to show a more personal view of the world."

Kare Watson Newlin art

Karen Watson-Newlin, Untamed, acrylic on canvas, 30” x 30”

August: Rita Yanny

Rita Yanny

About the Artwork:
"I create art as a way to process, explore, and interpret experiences and emotions. My mixed media pieces have a surrealistic quality, shifting between real and dreamlike worlds. I use a collage technique to layer materials such as printed papers, sewing patterns, wrapping paper, maps, drawings, and photo fragments. I then add color and texture with acrylic paints, pencil, pastel, and ink. 
My husband, Kurt Runzheimer, is a beekeeper who cares for hives throughout Dane County, including in our backyard and at our friend’s farm in Blue Mounds, University Research Park, and Olbrich Botanical Gardens. In the submitted artworks, I combined images of beehives with cloth, tiny beads, and bits of text. These pieces reflect both my experience with bees and our community’s growing interest, awareness, and support of pollinators and their habitat." 

Rita Yanny Art

Rita Yanny, beaded hives, mixed media on wood panel, 13” x13” (Photo credit: Sunny Frantz)

September: Holly Cohn

Holly Cohn

About the Artwork:
"When I was growing root vegetables, I spent time thinking about the continuation of life and its activity underground.  The kohlrabi that inspired “Beauty in the Desert” showed up one day, glowing like a gem in the dirt, beautiful and all by itself, an encapsulated message of resilience.  

As always, we are on the shore to the next and what we know is sometimes right before us or is hidden in the messages that are below the surface."

Holly Cohn

Holly Cohn, Beauty in the Desert, acrylic on wood, 11”x14,” Private Collection

October: Katherine Steichen Rosing

Katherine Steichen Rosing

About the Artwork:
"My work investigates invisible processes like photosynthesis and the water cycle, so intricately connected to climate and our survival. I am intrigued by life cycles within forests and watersheds. Stages of life are evident from the slender saplings and immense mother trees, to the moss-covered logs on the forest floor. Ripples in the quiet pools within the forests, indicate life as insects, animals, and drizzling rain interact and disappear -- ephemeral events. 

The circular format in my Respirations series suggests tree canopy, earth, and eternity, celebrating photosynthesis and carbon sequestration. These are created with leaf rubbings in an artist crayon over translucent acrylic glazes."

Katherine Steichen Rosing art

Katherine Steichen Rosing, Respirations: Eastern Redbud, Acrylic, Caran d’Ache Neocolor crayon on archival Tyvek, 38” x 38”, Courtesy of Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

November: Chele Ramos

Chele Ramos

About the Artwork:
As an artist I feel that it is my obligation to open people’s eyes in some way. I feel that art should induce a strong emotion, create a new train of thought, or aid in human understanding. I strive to create beautiful portraits and paintings that, either, allow one to experience a different perspective, or induce a loving memory of someone (human or
animal,) for the viewer to treasure, always."

Chele Ramos Art

Chele Ramos, Night at the Mason, acrylic on wood, 10” x 10”

December: Vicki France

Vicki France

About the Artwork:
"A self-taught photographer that was taught to see the beauty of this place I call home and to tread upon it lightly. I consider myself lucky to have grown up among the towering bluffs that
surround the Wisconsin and Kickapoo Rivers in the driftless region of Wisconsin. My favorite
past-time has always been getting lost in the wooded hills and valleys of southwest Wisconsin. I have always wanted to share what I saw and felt in these places and photography opened that
door. I work hard to capture the essence and emotion that come over me when I visit these
Photography for me is fun, obsessive and challenging. Many of my images are straight from the camera give or take a few tweaks and some are full on totally tweaked out."

Vicki France art

Vicki France, Winter Thaw, photography

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Thank you, Paul Dougals! 

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2022 calendars cost $12 each (plus sales tax) and will be available beginning in November, 2021. The calendar is also available for purchase online.

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Calendars are available for purchase at the following municipal halls: The City Halls of Fitchburg, Middleton, and Monona, and the town of Westport.

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