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Every great society leaves a meaningful cultural legacy. The people of Dane County, Wisconsin have remarkable gifts to share with the world. Arts, culture, and local history express our common humanity. The Dane County Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission within Dane County Government supports these beliefs through its Dane Arts projects and programs.


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Arts & Economic Prosperity VI

AEP VI is an economic impact study of the nation’s nonprofit arts and culture industry.  Dane Arts, in partnership with the Wisconsin Arts Board and Americans for the Arts, is conducting the sixth Arts and Economic Prosperity Survey now through April, 2023.

Dane Arts is asking for your help in proving how valuable the arts are to Dane County.

AEP VI collects critical information about event-related audience spending on categories such as food and beverages, gifts and souvenirs, local transportation, and lodging. The survey is completely anonymous and can be taken via QR code or paper hard copy.

Data collected from arts and culture events over the year will be compiled into a customized report available to the public in September, 2023. The arts are a business and economic driver here in Dane County, and the compelling data we are collecting can be used by everyone for arts advocacy initiatives, grant writing, and more! Check out the AEP V one page summary and full report released in 2015.

Artists, Arts Advocates, and Audience Members, help us help you:

  • Take the survey! Please take the survey once each time you see it displayed at a nonprofit arts and culture event. The survey must be completed during the event.
  • Host the survey! Consider providing copies of AEP surveys at your event (contact for printed copies).
  • Distribute surveys! We welcome any volunteers who are interested in helping us collect surveys from now until April, 2023. Contact us at 
  • Spread the word! Encourage friends and family to take the AEP VI survey

Contact us to get involved!


Green background with white and black text: 2023 Calendar and Poster Call for Art, submissions due Friday, July 1, 2022 by 4 pm


Dane Arts is now accepting submissions for the twenty-third edition of our annual arts calendar and poster, highlighting the wonderful and talented artists of Dane County.

Learn more about our annual poster and  calendar!

Submissions are due by 4 pm on Friday, July 1, 2022. 

Dane Arts 2022 Cycle 1: $95,400 in Grants Awarded to Local Arts Organizations

Fifty-nine project grant requests totaling $95,400 were recently awarded in cycle 1 for “Dane Arts” project grants in 2022. Click HERE for the full press release and list of awards.

Applications were divided among three review panels: Theater, Dance & Visual Arts, Music, and Multidisciplinary, Arts in Education & Local History.

Click on the links below to view video recordings of each review panel. Expand the description below the video and click the timestamp next to the organization you wish to view.

The “Dane Arts” grants are funded by county dollars in conjunction with private donations from the Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation, the Evjue Foundation, Inc., the charitable arm of The Capital Times, the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation, and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation. 

The next project grant deadline is August 1, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. LEARN MORE

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Behind Creative: A Dane Arts Series

Dane Arts with Coney Island Studios started a series we hope you will enjoy.  It's called, BEHIND CREATIVE. The series will spotlight local artists and technicians building community and the arts...BEHIND CREATIVE.

Behind Creative (pictured): DJ Pain 1 - WATCH NOW
Behind Creative: Sasha Debevec-McKenneyWATCH NOW
Behind Creative: Monica CliffWATCH NOW
Behind Creative: Rob DzWATCH NOW

We'd love to hear what you think.


DAMA logo

Learn More: Dane Arts Mural Arts  


Dane Arts 2022 Calendar cover - a group of cows against a blue sky

Dane Arts 2022 Calendar

After a one-year hiatus, Dane Arts Calendars are BACK!

Summer landscape painting with a blue sky, green fields, and a yellow flower on the right side of the composition

Dane Arts 2022 Poster

Learn more about the 2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Poster.

DANG! 2020 Grant Recipients

Dane County Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission– aka Dane Arts– produced two videos this year. The first video recognizes, supports, and honors the many different Individual working artists impacted by COVID-19. Over 250 artists were each supported with $500 through a grant called DANG!– the Dane Arts Need Grant.

Now, we are sharing our second short video, "The Dane Arts 2020 Grant Recipients." This video highlights all the amazing Dane County arts organizations funded through our 2020 grant cycles. Their art is a true testament to the innovative and creative thinking from many talented artists and managers here in Dane County.

We are all to be thankful we have such a diverse arena of artists, arts programs, and projects. As with the DANG! recipients awarded this summer, these arts organizations have also given us all so much joy– especially at a time when we continue to be locked down due to COVID-19.

Community Resource

Dane Arts staff, along with Commission members, offer technical assistance, support, and advocacy countywide. Community service includes: initiating artistic projects, serving as an arts & culture resource hub, and inspiring meaningful connections between artists, presenters, and the community.


  • Honoring and celebrating the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission's community service spanning over four decades.
  • Brilliant artwork created by over 100 local individual artists showcased in annual art posters and calendars, of which, hundreds of thousands are distributed near and far.
  • Over 60 community murals and 35 storm drain designs created by Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA), a community arts effort which was started in 2014 out of this office and is now its own non- profit in partnership with Dane Arts.
  • Since 2015, Dane Arts Buy Local Art Market (DABL) has been exhibiting and selling the work of local visual artists in a festive atmosphere with over $150,000 in art sold to date.
  • Dane Arts Dance Arts (DADA) supporting and working with local movement artists and choreographers to create more opportunities to share creative work throughout Dane County. 
  • Over 100 local citizens provided service as Commission members and Grant Advisory Panel Members.
  • Arts, Culture & Local History Grants (2007-2021): over 1800 awards totaling over $9.2 million (public & private sources) leveraging nearly $57.2 million from other community sources.

Support Our Community

Use the Dane Arts Buy Local logo and learn more about our mission.

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