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Capital Grants

Capital Grants support specific capital projects, equipment purchases or construction, to small Dane County nonprofit arts, culture, and local history organizations. Range of activities supported include: purchase of permanent equipment, construction of permanent exhibitions, building construction, improvements or expansion, and historic preservation initiatives. Capital grant opportunity details are described in WebGrants.

Eligible Applicants

  • Nonprofit Organizations (with proof of 501(c)(3) status)
  • Qualified Designated Fiscal Receivers in Dane County for organizations without formal nonprofit status
  • Projects and programs must be located in Dane County, Wisconsin
  • Applicant organization must be located in Dane County

Additional Eligibility Considerations

  • Applicants may not submit more than one Capital Grant Application per cycle
  • Schools, school districts, and municipalities may apply only if the capital project directly serves the greater community
  • Capital grants are not available to individuals, public libraries, fraternal groups, churches, commercial businesses, neighborhood centers, and higher educational institutions
  • Capital grants for any single ongoing project will be limited to a total of five Dane Arts grant awards. This limit does not apply to capital grants awarded prior to 2011
  • Applications will not be considered from grantees that have not fulfilled obligations to the Commission under terms of prior grant awards

Project Budget Requirements

  • Dane Arts grants may account for no more than 50% of a total project.
  • The amount requested must be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Application budgets must include cash contributions in fulfillment of the matching requirement.
  • A budget error may disqualify an application.
  • Dane Arts grants may not be matched by other Dane County tax dollars.
  • A grant award in a lesser amount than what is requested by an applicant may be offered.
  • A grant in any amount carries no commitment for future support by the Dane Arts beyond terms of the project supported.

Dane Arts Capital grants MAY be used for:

  • Permanent equipment, i.e., a durable product having a useful lifespan of more than two years
  • Capital projects with permanent, lasting significance

Dane Arts Capital grants MAY NOT be used for:

  • Purchase of artwork
  • Purchase of historical artifacts
  • Theater scripts, stage properties, costumes, music and dance scores
  • Books and other printed materials
  • Computer equipment, systems or software
  • Improvements to private residential or commercial property