Art Calendar

2019 Art Calendar


The twentieth edition of our annual art calendar highlights the wonderful and talented artists right here in Dane County.



2019 Calendar Specs

  • Desktop calendar - 8" x 7 ½"
  • Municipality Prices - $9.48 each (plus sales tax)
  • Retailer Prices - $9.95 each (plus sales tax)
  • Artwork created by thirteen local artists.

Revenues from calendar sales help sustain programs of Dane County Cultural Affairs, an agency within county government created in 1977 to encourage public participation in arts, culture and local history activities countywide. Your calendar purchase also helps to support local artists. For more information, please contact 608-266-5915.


2019 Calendar Artists:

Cover: Daniella Willett-Rabin


About the Artwork:

"Creating paintings of cities is one of my passions and I decided it was time I painted the city I was born in, Madison, Wisconsin. The painting was done in oils on canvas. I painted it in a collage style and it includes many of the iconic buildings of Madison."


January: Chuck Bauer


About the Artwork:

"I enjoy how the built environment rests in and is held by the natural environment. We live in a beautiful part of the word, with four distinct and fascinating seasons, so I find abundant opportunity to celebrate the harmony and comfort I see all around me. My work is represented by Milward Farrell Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin."


February: Aaron Laux

About the Artwork:

"Reading the Tea Leaves was built for the Morgan Contemporary Gallery tea pot exhibition in 2018. The materials that were used are naturally weathered pieces of wood and fractured stone fragments. These materials are featured in the current topographies series and are compelling as textural and mosaic elements. This artwork is a narrative of our human connection to nature. Elemental motifs of fire, water, stone and plants are woven together to illustrate the interconnectedness of life. Reading the Tea Leaves is a story of how we see patterns in the world all around us and what that means to our lives."


March: Vicki France


About the Artwork:

"I sit and wait, and wait, and wait - I know mom will be home soon, I can hear the hungry little ones inside. And out of nowhere, dinner is delivered."


April: Donna McKay


About the Artwork:

"I enjoy the immediacy of acrylics and how their transparency allows building layers of color. I spied this dahlia at an Olbrich gardens show and was inspired by it’s rich shades of red and wild, unruly form. I tried to capture it’s essence at that moment in time."


May: Linda Koenig


About the Artwork:

"I work exclusively in transparent watercolor on paper. My landscapes are formed by a slow layering of some 30-50 washes of brush applied pigment, which builds into a rich and luminous surface. Just enough detail is utilized to establish a sense of place. The core of the work is beauty."


June: Irene R. Olson

About the Artwork:

"Dinner + Music" -- Courtesy of Blue Iris Gallery


July: Sarah Gerg


About the Artwork:

“A brief Plein air piece while waiting on the dock for the Karfi on Washington Island before my family’s annual Rock Island camping trip”


August: Richard Yanke


About the Artwork:

"I was out looking for a spot to do a plein air painting on a Farmer's Market Saturday. It was so crowded around the square so I went down State St. only to turn around and see this. I got some photos as it would be a tough spot to try paint from. Maybe next time."


September: Patricia Duren


About the Artwork:

"This painting was inspired by a beautiful fall day spent on our land in Sauk county. After toning the canvas in orange, yellow and red in acrylic, I proceeded to paint in oil leaving the background colors to peek through. I find this technique adds a liveliness to the painting and can create elements of surprise."


October: Vicki Pierce

About the Artwork:

"Fall at Allen Centennial Garden"


November: Sarah Aslakson

About the Artwork:

"My inspiration are night animals - those creatures in the garden by moonlight. Moths, spiders, night flowers, plants, and a cat sleeping through it all."


December: James Widder


About the Artwork:

"I am inspired by my local environment in Madison.  This image is of a pine tree and the Olbrich Conservatory in winter.  I first took a photograph of the image from Oakwood Ave and then I creatively articulated the image into a painting."


Sales Locations

2019 calendars cost $9.48 each (including sales tax) at municipalities; and $9.95 each (including sales tax) at the following retailers. Purchase yours today at the following locations:

  • Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission Office, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Room 421, City-County Building, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Madison, 608-266-4114.
  • Download and mail in the Order Form.
  • The following retailers and municipal halls:

Municipal Hall Sales

Calendars are available for purchase at the following municipal halls:  The City Halls Fitchburg, Middleton, Monona and Stoughton.  The Town Halls of Dunn, Oregon and Westport. The Villages of Black Earth, Mazomanie and Shorewood Hills.


Thank you to our 2019 sales partners!